• 1997-2004
  • 2005-2012
Team for the first time in 1997, its establishment in 1997 to undertake zhuozhou guomao building central air-conditioning installation and decoration engineering, due to the excellent in quality and time limit for a project, recognised by party a, to get the project follow-up interior decoration engineering. In 1998 to undertake industrial and commercial bank of industrial and commercial bank of tangshan and langfang decoration engineering. As a general contractor, for the first time in 1999 in shijiazhuang "industrial and commercial bank of China southwest office" the construction of the project, completed the successful transition from construction to the general contracting project. Registered hebei yongchang real estate development company, the following year the official start of the project operation. Shijiazhuang in 2002 to the first piece of land, successfully developed between waterclouds project. In 2000 to undertake dongfeng road residential building engineering; In hebei mobile shijiazhuang branch office building decoration engineering in baoding mobile office building project. In shijiazhuang in 2001 Asia Pacific hotel engineering; In hebei mobile communications production scheduling command center project. In 2002 in hebei mobile communication co., LTD. Shijiazhuang development zone comprehensive office room building engineering; Continues the Beijing military region general hospital project; Shijiazhuang in hebei unicom communication comprehensive hub building, room building engineering; Undertake communication complex building of China unicom co., LTD. Hengshui branch engineering property development projects for the first time, shijiazhuang, blue bay between waterclouds officially started. In 2003 in xingtai comprehensive production building mobile communication; Undertake general office of the people's government of baoding city sunshine village project; Real estate development project between waterclouds, blue bay to continue construction. 2004 acquisition of the "hebei construction engineering co., LTD.", completed shareholding system reform of the company, established in hebei construction as the main body of the Organizational Structure, perfect the management system and evaluation system; Continues the centers for disease control and prevention in hebei province lab building engineering; Undertake shijiazhuang changan district government office building engineering; The development of real estate development field, qinghai in maple oasis project officially started.
In 2005 to continue the development of qinghai in maple oasis project, at the same time, development projects, shijiazhuang shijiazhuang green estate blue bay project; Undertake shijiazhuang information industry base take engineering; Undertake beidaihe red island villa project; Continues the 4th shijiazhuang thermal power co., LTD. East thermal power plant the third phase of construction and engineering. In 2006 to continue the development of qinghai in maple oasis project green manor, shijiazhuang, shijiazhuang blue bay project. In hebei mobile communication co., LTD. Zhangjiakou branch room building engineering; Undertake Wu Yi electricity production dispatch building engineering; Undertake geological archive project in hebei province; Take xingtai 110, 119, 122, three into one public security command center project. Equity investment management into investments, started in 2007, capital operation to maximize the economic value. This strategy to become the company into an important milestone in the field of capital operation, to yongchang enhance financial strength, seize the development opportunity will undoubtedly play a very active role; Set up overseas development strategy, 09 officially involved in overseas. To forward-looking vision, business radiation from mainland China to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, in the group's business is increasingly diversified development at the same time, the introduction of international advanced company structure, management mode and management system, make yongchang group enterprise with both internationalized vision. Real estate development, green estate project, blue bay project successfully making a room; Real estate development, baoding waterside pavilion, huacheng project exploitation; Undertake zhujiang beer co., LTD., hebei produce 0.1 million litres of beer engineering; Undertake beidaihe red island villa phase ii project. In 2008, baoding waterside pavilion huacheng project issue officially start construction; Undertake apartment building of nanjing university of science and engineering; Undertaking of China mobile communications group co., LTD. In hebei baoding branch business project engineering to production floor. In 2009 real estate development, continue to develop baoding waterside pavilion huacheng project and get shijiazhuang Victoria, a phase of the project exploitation; In China mobile communications group co., LTD., shijiazhuang development zone in hebei communication hub project. In 2010 real estate development, zhangjiakou, Victoria square project exploitation; Real estate development, shijiazhuang Victoria issue of development and construction; In China mobile communications group co., LTD. Hebei province south of flats engineering; In hebei province public security police center project. In 2011 real estate development, shijiazhuang Victorian phase ii development rights; To undertake projects of zhujiang beer co., LTD., hebei. 2012 more self sustaining property scale, optimizing the company's assets ratio, from the past to residential real estate sales, achieve rapid rolling a single light asset operation mode, commercial, hotels, office buildings and other assets to the self-sustaining model transformation, realize the two modes of parallel development, paying equal attention to both strategic pattern, do a solid preparation for listing. As an important planning yongchang for 15 years, the move is aimed at inheriting and out in the path of internationalization, standardization, perpetual, let the enterprise steady growth and development; Yongchang group is established officially registered, clear group subordinate relations and Organizational Structure, as a group headquarters in Beijing. Main business development to yongchang architecture, EBG Land, EBG property services, yongchang investment four plates. In formal, professional enterprise mechanism, to the one hundred international enterprise development way; Shijiazhuang Victoria 3 period started; Continues the shijiazhuang international airport construction and decoration engineering; Take xingtai mobile communication hub buildings and accessory occupancy works.