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2014 Years

At the beginning of 2014, EBG finally acquired the 30% remained shares from Junhao and changed the club name permanently to Shijiazhuang Ever Bright Football Club. The club then became a subsidiary of EBG and operated exclusively by EBG.

On 23rd July, player Chengjian Liao from Shanghai Shenxin Football club joined in as a loan palyer and played for the whole second season. His number was 25 at that time.

On 1st November, our club defeat Qingdao Hainiu at the final game of Jia A league via a 3-2 victory. The Club as a result, was ranked at second place on Jia A league among all teams and secured its entry ticket for CSL. It was since then, Hebei Province had its first formal CSL team and attribute such success to EBG football club.

2013 Years

In November, the end of the season the team with 10 wins 10 flat 10 negative record ranked in the top 8. The season average home court scene the audience of more In November, the club ranked at top eight with a result of 10 wins, 10 ties and 10 loses. The tickets sales exceeded 10,000 persons for every games at our host stadium, which made our club the second most popular clubs among Jia A Leagues only preceded by Henan jianye.

On 12th December, the club announced its new coach of 2014 Jia A match season. Bulgarian coach, Arson, Peterov would start serving the club since 2014.

2012 Years

March 2012, the club name changed to Fujian Junhao Football Club. It kicked in its first goal in Chinese Jia A league games.

28th October, the club claimed its best performance at all time and ranked the second place at China Jia A league matches.

December 2012, EBG acquired 70% shares of Fujian Junhao Football Club and changed the name to Shijiazhuang Ever Bright Junhao Football Club and relocate its host stadium to Shijiazhuang Yutong International Stadium.

2011 Years

2011 on 25th of February, Shijiazhuang Ever Bright Football Club ( known as Fujian Junhao Football Club) was established inXiamen. The club started playing games at China Yi League matches and successfully entered the China Jia A league the next year.