Yongchang BEWG


Ever Bright Group has proudly announced its strategic alliance relationship with Beijing Enterprises Water Groups. Both companies will play best to their advantages respectively and build up a mutual beneficial business connection. In this way to further expand the joint investment scale within relevant industry. The company has been listed on Hongkong Stock Market and known as BEWG-EBG WATER INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Within next five years, the new company is planning to invest a total amount over 30 billion RMB on water industry and property development.

Recently our company has also signed a strategic contract with the government of Chengde worth over eight billion RMB. The company will help the city to modernize the municipal water infrastructure. This includes the renovation and expansion of the city’s water and waste water factories, reservoir construction, watercourse rehabilitation and some other projects such as land consolidation and redevelopment. Our company is also seeking strategic cooperation in municipal water development with other cities like Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, Handan and Huailai. A series of investment portfolios are under planning and will be carried out consecutively.