The Chairman Address

Fifteen years ago today, a few like-minded people, with the hope for the future together. From air conditioning installation to decorate a project, started the hard entrepreneurship.

At the turn of the century, we are keenly aware of, as the national housing system reform, real estate development industry must have a bigger development, as a result, in 1999 registered the "hebei yongchang real estate development company". In 2003, acquired "hebei construction engineering co., LTD.", completed shareholding system reform of the company, established in hebei construction as the main body of the Organizational Structure, perfect the management system and evaluation system.

When we are in the field of construction general contracting and real estate development, rapid development concerns into investments, and began to equity investment management, capital operation to maximize the economic value. At the same time set up overseas development strategy, in order to forward-looking vision, transfer business from mainland China to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places, make the group business increasingly multi-facetted development.

We formally registered in 2012 established the yongchang group, headquartered in Beijing, main business development to yongchang architecture, EBG Land, EBG property services, yongchang investment four plates. At present, the enterprise annual output has increased from the original five million yuan to five billion yuan today.

Review of yongchang 15 years, winding is rugged fifteen years; Is the superhuman courage, visionary, seize the opportunity, pooling resources, struggling to traction fifteen years; Is entrepreneurial team, all staff of strong, difficulties and hardships, along the history of entrepreneurship and development stage.

Today, yongchang group in to scale management, and to sustainable development, to the time of take-off, we face is more severe market conditions, with domestic and international monopoly. We in addition to continue to make yongchang architecture, EBG Land, EBG property services, yongchang investment outside the main business of the big four plates, but also the EBG Land business further improvement. Will be the last to residential real estate sales and realize rapid rolling single light assets operation model, commercial, hotels, office buildings and other assets to the self-sustaining model transformation, realize the two modes of parallel development, the strategic pattern of paying equal attention to both, for companies to go public, achieve greater ambitions do well prepared. Yongchang in the future, will be a set of financial, trade, commerce, real estate, agriculture, medicine, and many other areas in the integration of international capital platform.

To achieve the enterprise development strategy, we must strengthen the collectivization management, must be unified thought, unified understanding. We advocate the corporate culture of tolerance, perseverance, and advocate of dedicated, professional spirit, advocated the gratitude to people, to own restraint of the moral sentiment; Promotes the enterprise the overall situation of interests as the highest idea; Advocate seeking truth from facts of the code of conduct; Advocated in practice, constantly learning, constantly optimize, and constantly improve their ability; Advocated by ability, responsibility, commitment to the principle of distribution according to work and work attitude.

Although 15 years, our enterprise has the very big development, but still very young, yongchang group development, common efforts of all the staff need to forge ahead, create a better future, sharing success, is on its way to take off the road, to meet new challenges.

EBG yongchang group chairman of the board of directors Yuan Wanyong