Zhangjiakou Victoria square

Covering a total floor area of approximately 1.00 million square meters,EBGVictoriaPlazais a large-sized urban complex integrating a number of types of property such as five-star hotel, office building, high-end residence and apartment, one-stop shopping mall, six major stylish commercial streets, library, and stadium. Upon the completion, this project will blend the urban spirits and create a prosperous landmark. With regard to planning, it persists in the rules of luxurious house, and makes use of the building arrangement of large space and large enclosure, so as to prevent theinterference between the business and residence, form the well proportioned complex Pattern.

InEBGVictoriaPlaza, plot A encompasses three high-end riverside apartments, overlooking the forefrontQingshuiRiver. With a total floor area of approximately 58000 square meters, this project will join with five-star hotel, office building, and large-capacity complex business in the future to establish a high-end commercial and business district, and create a landmark building shining like a star in the city.